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Discovery creates and produces modern and innovative technologies in all fields of protection of property and business. Solutions can be standardized, but also completely personalized according to the needs of the market.

20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients

By following the latests world trends and continuous investment into research and development, Discovery offers the solutions that pertain to the latest generation of the system for protection and management. Precisely set goals and a clear vision provide the continuity of innovations with high quality of services and products.

Professional implementation and integration

In order to continue its business operations, Discovery developed a global network of local representations and centers of technical support worldwide. With detailed analysis of all business processes of the users, we offer stable solutions according to the turn-key system. There are no limitations for Discovery products and solutions.

Comprehensive safety

Although safety solutions are the basis of our business operations, Discovery company offers much more than that. With a large number of products and services in our portfolio, we focus on everything that is necessary to make people, your businesses and your assets safe.

Intelligent solutions and advanced analytics

Discovery systems provide more efficient business operations, and simultaneously create the feeling of safety of the employees and the visitors, which directly affects the increase of income and satisfaction of the buyers. All collected information is analyzed by using sophisticated tools, which enables the overview of the entire business operations in real time.

Video surveillance - Synergy of modern hardware and intelligent software

One of the most important elements of any business is insight into the movement inside and outside of the facility. Video surveillance allows just that and much more - complete safety of the facility, but also advanced analytics thanks to AI and bleeding edge software solutions. In addition to securing the facilities, prevention is also one of the important factors of video surveillance which plays a great role in prevention of theft, vandalism and deterring potential perpetrators. Discovery video surveillance creates a sense of security of buyers and th employees, and at the same time provides very important information which can only be used for increasing productivity.

Alarm systems - Safety as imperative

Alarm (anti-alarm) systems provide protection from unauthorized access to the facility thanks to the network of detectors and therefore protect the facilities, assets and people in an unobtrusive but reliable way, and increase the safety in the facilities to the highest level. They have a very wide range of application in technical protection of retail facilities, large business centers and special purpose facilities, by preventing the entrance of unauthorized persons, as well as incident situations resulting from the technical deficiencies in the facilities.